About Tuttle & Bailey

The Tuttle & Bailey line is rich in tradition and heritage, dating back to an era of horse drawn buggies, the growth of a new nation, and the wild, wild west still in full swing. Established in 1846, the young register company truly made its mark as the dominant manufacturer of cast iron registers in the latter half of the 19th century. The company continued to perfect its ornamental grille manufacturing processes and was eventually acquired by Hart & Cooley, Inc. in 1933. World War II influenced the production of several new products from Tuttle & Bailey, including air intake covers for tanks and mortar shells. The mortar die and special presses were brought out one more time during the Korean War. The Tuttle & Bailey business was moved to Holland, MI in 1983-84.

In October 1989, Air Devices, Inc. was acquired by Hart & Cooley. Air Devices - located in Huntsville, Alabama - manufactured grilles, registers, diffusers, and terminal units under the trade names Agitair, Buensod, and BarbAire. Air Devices serviced the commercial plan/spec market through manufacturers' representatives. Hart & Cooley already serviced this commercial segment of the market with the Tuttle & Bailey line of grilles, registers, and diffusers.

Several basic marketing decisions were made shortly after the acquisition of Air Devices. First, all products sold in the plan/spec commercial market would be marketed under the trade name Tuttle & Bailey. Second, Tuttle & Bailey would be represented by an exclusive rep organization. These two decisions precipitated a rationalization process for both reps and products.

In January 2000, Tomkins Industries, Inc. purchased Hart & Cooley, Inc., which included the Tuttle & Bailey brand.

Tuttle & Bailey was separated from Hart & Cooley, Inc., placed under the Air System Components Group (subsidiary of Tomkins Industries, Inc.), and relocated to Richardson, Texas in February 2000.

As Tuttle & Bailey moves forward, we will continue to make marketing and product changes that will position us as an industry leader in the commercial plan/spec market. Drawing from the Air System Components Group, along with the best of the Agitair, Buensod, BarbAire, and Tuttle & Bailey brands, our product offering is one of the most complete lines available in the market today.

Our staff of dedicated professionals is committed to the highest quality of customer service and support. Together with our experienced sales force, we will continue to promote and expand the Tuttle & Bailey name.